no one knows my plan

Plans are being made. Happy will be making a return weekend visit to The Compound so I can bring her to a Scout’s Honor adoption event at Petsmart at I-10 and Taylor in The Heights on March 28th at noon. And EZ will be staying with me the first weekend in April while her dad, R___, is out of town on a business trip. And while she’s here, I’ll be volunteering at the Saturday With Scout’s Honor adoption event on April 3rd. I was replying to R___’s email and telling him how I was looking forward to her visit when Rex bumped my thigh with his nose. I looked down at him and he sat down hard. His tail started thumping on the floor. His eyes were practically bugging out of his head. It was the pitiful wee whimper that made me give in and I picked him up and cradled him in my lap.

“You’re still my dog,” I said, and then he licked my cheek and sighed.

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  1. n8an says:

    Random thought that just occurred to me: I will be present for a Tuesdays with Rexford!

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