talk to ya later


Tomorrow, Puddles the puppy will go to her new home. It’s a very good home, from what I hear, and not only will Puddles have a new mom, but she’ll also have another doggy companion. An excellent situation for our little girl, indeed. But I’m both thrilled for her and a little sad. I’m extremely fond of her. More accurately, Pixie is extremely fond of Puddles. I’d watch the two of them interact and wonder if Pixie thinks Puddles is her puppy. Hopefully, she won’t be too brokenhearted that Puddles won’t be here anymore.

Hopefully, the rest of us at The Compound won’t be either.

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5 Responses to talk to ya later

  1. marikanola says:

    i know you guys will miss her , but also glad that she got a loving permenant home – and you were a huge part of that.

  2. I will miss her winning personality, sweet face, big ears, and playtimes with Pixie. Bittersweet, because I’m so glad she got a good home. I love Scout’s Honor’s rescue program.

  3. geb1966ky says:

    Congrts to Pizie on her new home!

  4. davidpnyc says:

    Best wishes, Puddles!

  5. rickerje says:

    So much cuteness I can barely stand it. Congrats to her for getting a new home.

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