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Mr. Becky’s birthday is December 25th, so it’s tradition at The Compound to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve and (try to) let him have his own day. The Rhonda and Lindsey had dinner with us tonight and then stayed to open gifts. There was much oohing, ahhing, and laughter throughout the evening, as well as some barking. From the dogs, that is. Puddles is spending a long holiday weekend at The Compound, and Sugar is visiting with her moms, so, all told, there were six dogs running amok. As the piles of presents dwindled, Becky pointed to a solitary gift resting on the coffee table and said, “Don’t forget that one.”

“Oh, yeah.” I beckoned to Pixie and said, “It’s yours, Pixie.” She bumped it with her nose and then moved on, since it didn’t smell edible, but I plucked her from the floor and deposited her in my lap so we could open the gift together. I removed a small box from the red and green wrapping paper and opened it. Nestled inside was a gleaming silver object. “It’s a new name tag,” I explained to Pixie and everyone around us. “Her new name is on it: Pixie Lambert.”

I hugged her tight and said, “Welcome home, Pixie.”

Later, alluding to an ongoing inside joke at The Compound, Mr. Becky said, “You’re keeping Pixie, so does this mean you’re keeping Rex, too?”

“We’ll see,” I replied.

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14 Responses to this is home

  1. And now I have tears all over again. I’m so happy The Compound is Pixie’s forever home.

  2. And oh, my gosh, your banner is so beautiful. Merry Christmas.

  3. marikanola says:

    I always tell Dash he just has one more year to prove himself or back he goes …

    Best present ever … you and Pixie

  4. auntaberta says:

    the receiver

    so are you pixie’s present, is she yours or is she sugar’s present? sounds like it is a win-win for everyone – i’m so glad pixie is home!!!! merry christmas to all compounders – all 2 and 4-leggers alike <3

  5. geb1966ky says:

    What a wonderful gift for Pixie!!

    Merry Christmas, Timothy, Rex & Pixie!!!

  6. markgharris says:

    Reading this made my heart swell. Ouch. : )

    Merry Christmas and please give Mr. Becky a, “Happy Birthday,” from me!

  7. davidpnyc says:

    Aw, that’s great!

    Happy Birthday to Mr. Becky!

  8. chas_lou says:

    Awww, life is so much better with dogs in it…. congratulations to Pixie and her new daddy.

  9. scottynola says:

    YAY!!!!!! I became rather fond of Pixie last time I was there!

  10. Hooray, Pixie, you can come and play with me anytime you want. Renee

  11. dogrl says:

    What a Merry Christmas for you and Pixie!

    …and (an almost belated) Happy Birthday to Mr. Becky!!!

  12. gaedhal says:

    Happiest Christmas Story Ever!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Lucky dog!

    Pixie is a very lucky kid! FB Frank

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