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Last Friday it snowed all day, which is odd for Houston. At least, that hasn’t happened all that much since I moved here. I was at Hanley Inc., because heaven forbid The Boss Lady give us a snow day. Actually, I don’t think she knows what a snow day is. Actually, I think this was her first snow experience ever. I was holding her while I took the above photo and when snow landed on her head she shrieked, laughed, and tried to shake it from her hair. It was pretty sweet.

puppy's first snow

It was the first snow for Puddles the puppy, too. Puddles had a seizure in the middle of the night while she was staying with me Thanksgiving weekend and I had to rush her to the emergency vet. She came out of it okay and her blood sugar levels were fine, so we’re not sure why it happened, but she’s been fine ever since. It was nice to see her running about chasing snowflakes and having the time of her precious life.

Above is a photo of me holding Pixie at the Saturday With Scout’s Honor adoption event the day after Houston’s big snow day. It was a bright, sunny day, but it was still cold outside, so I wore knit leggings under my jeans and three layers of shirts. I’m from New England. We don’t play around when we layer.

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  1. Goodness, Pixie looks as big as EZ in that last photo. Puddles, on the other hand, looks teeny tiny in her photo.

    (Er, edited because that’s NOT how we spell Puddles now.)

  2. Anonymous says:

    See You Can’t Avoid Snow By Staying There…

    No matter how long you live somewhere else the instinct to layer comes right back to you!! All those years of skiing and shoveling… It snowed up here for the first real time Saturday night and it was very pretty. Miss You!

    No snow in May – ok??

    • Re: See You Can’t Avoid Snow By Staying There…

      I bet it is pretty up there. I’d love to see it. May sounds like a great time to visit. But who is this? =)

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: See You Can’t Avoid Snow By Staying There…


        I figured that I could lure you to Maine with the thought of no snow and a cute little baby to hold…

        • Re: See You Can’t Avoid Snow By Staying There…

          Oh, yeah. That’s a good plan. You’re so smart. When’s the day?

          • Anonymous says:

            Re: See You Can’t Avoid Snow By Staying There…

            May 3rd is the official date, but you know how babies can be – very bossy and know it all…so we will see what she decides!!

            Love, kate

  3. Anonymous says:

    Adorable. FB Frank

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