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I know, I know. I’m utter crap at updating, lately. Let me see if I can remember what’s happened the past couple of weeks. Part of the reason for that is because I bought a new something. My old something was on the verge of collapsing, so purchasing the new something was vital. Unfortunately, I had to leave the next day to spend five days house and dog sitting for Lynne in the ‘burbs, so I couldn’t play with my new something right away.

Spending time in the ‘burbs was nice. It wasn’t as hot, oddly enough, and there were hardly any mosquitos, and now that I’m on a new schedule it wasn’t as horrendous when Lynne’s dogs woke me at 6:30 every morning. However, I hadn’t been to Lynne’s house since I quit smoking, which I didn’t take into account before I went there, so whenever I found myself in a Now what? moment, I had to talk myself out of buying a pack of cigs many times. Many, many times. But I didn’t smoke. Yay me.

Before I left for Lynne’s I turned Maverick over to Regina, his previous foster mom. She left for an extended trip to New Mexico and thought it would be fun to take Maverick with her. Apparently, there’ll be lots of open space in which he can run and play, and many lizards to chase. Plus, Regina was going alone, so she was grateful for his company. How could I refuse that? (Plus, she’s been waffling for ages now about adopting him, so I’m hoping this will seal the deal.) I was sad to see him go, though. He’s a cute little rascal. But no one was sadder than Rex to see him go. I took Rex with me to Lynne’s and he was glued to my ankles the entire time. He barely played with Lynne’s dogs. All he wanted to do was follow me around. When we returned home he ran to Maverick’s food bowl, sniffed it, and then looked up at me as if to say, It smells like the fun dog, but I don’t see the fun dog anywhere around here. Why is that? So I said to Rex, “Maverick is still in New Mavericko, being mavericky, in the land of mavericks, with all the other mavericks. I’m sure you’ll see him again soon.”

Meanwhile, I’m picking up an interim foster dog later today named Jackson. I don’t think he’s on the Scout’s Honor site yet. But, until he is, look! It’s Princess Leia!

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16 Responses to this is the life

  1. _jandy_ says:

    omg, you got an imac!!

    i haven’t even read the rest of the entry yet because i was so excited! we got one about 3 or 4 weeks ago…and it’s awesome.

    ok, back to reading.

    • I love my iMac. I’m still getting used to all the new features, moving files from my laptop, etc. I can’t wait ’til it’s paid for, though.

      • _jandy_ says:

        ha – paid off.

        my plan was to tell people that i wanted it for my b-day (in sept) and after everyone chipped in, i’d just pay the difference.

        then my computer started arguing with me – as yours did. so the sept. plan got shoved to the side.

        but i’m pretty sure it’s worth it. ;)

  2. _jandy_ says:

    woohoo on no smoking!!

  3. asterapallas says:


    Your new something is absolutely wonderful, I am certain.

    Go you on talking yourself out of picking up cigarettes, too!


  4. I might have been sadder than Rex to see Maverick go. I just didn’t glue myself to your ankles. Though if I had, that would have taken care of the legs part of your workout regimen. Forever.

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