physical (you’re so)

As many of you know, my lung collapsed a second time last February and I heeded my doctor’s advice this time and stopped smoking. Actually, to be perfectly honest, because I’m poor and cheap. Since I had an operation where my lung was fused to my chest wall to keep it from collapsing again, I figured I’d quit smoking to get the most I could from the time, discomfort, and money involved in the process. I went through all that crap, so why not make sure I’d stick around to fully enjoy being alive? That decision also got me back into the gym. As my lungs slowly clear from the smoke, tar, and abuse I inflicted upon them for eighteen years, I’m feeling more and more alive. Now I’m addicted to the gym, which is a habit I can live with.

On the days I can’t get to the gym, I like to find new ways to exercise. Here’s an easy way to work out your arms, shoulders, and upper back with a little bit of help from man’s best friend:

With your arms acting like a forklift, pick up a 35 lb dog. (Lift with your legs, not your back.)

Maintaining a firm hold on the dog, slowly raise your elbows toward the sky, curling the dog as you go. When your elbows are at their highest position, hold for a few seconds.

Return dog to the resting position. That’s one rep. Do three sets of twelve reps, or as many reps as possible until the dog has had enough and bites your stupid ass.

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  1. chronicpaint says:

    There’s a dog in the picture?? Funny. I didn’t notice. I must have been distracted by something else ;)

  2. ravenspb says:

    From the look on his face, Rex did not agree to too many more curls.

    • That’s EZ, one of my former foster dogs and a Scout’s Honor success story. She loves “EZ curls,” as I call them. I started doing them back in the day while carrying her up and down my stairs when her legs were broken.

      • ravenspb says:

        I haven’t seena picture of EZ in awhile, so that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. So it would seem that she got a ride and you got a great upper body work out.

  3. dogrl says:

    Wasn’t that nice of EZ to show up as guest demonstratee?! (If it had been Phoebe, I would have said ‘guest dumbbell.’)

  4. geb1966ky says:

    1) HOT!!!
    2) I love the look on EZ’s face in the last pic.

  5. _jandy_ says:

    ‘…bites your stupid ass.’


  6. Anonymous says:


    ha. you think you jest (or maybe not…); hubby asa does that with our mixed-breed big dog of 45-50 pounds. odd dog that she is, she barks for more when he sets her down.
    -richard labonte

  7. Her face, her face… I love that dog; she’s the Great Rescue Dog Success Story.

    I still want to turn those garage doors into “Where the Wild Things Are.” Here’s a link to Cassy Lee’s nursery I’d told y’all about.

  8. The look on EZ’s face in the last picture says it all. “Please, someone help me and give me a forever home.”
    Picking Mlle. Renee up like that would be an open invitation to unlimited doggy kisses.

  9. ablueskyboy says:

    Gym Tym

    I can’t tell if you’re showing your dog enjoying the free ride or your arm muscles getting stronger. I just can’t tell. =)->-<

  10. n8an says:

    And the Timstalkers go wild! ;)

  11. rain_wolfe says:

    FANTASTIC idea! I’ll add this to the list of reasons why we need to adopt a dog!

  12. changeling72 says:

    Hmm. I don’t think it would work as well with my hamsters. Perhaps if I hold one in each hand..?

  13. markgharris says:

    You look so good. So does EZ (I still do that typo where I first punch in “EX).

  14. rickerje says:

    Such a cute puppy!

    (What, is there something else to notice in this set of pictures?)

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