i know there’s something going on

I think I neglected to ever mention that Becky and I are going to New Orleans today to attend Saints & Sinners. I just assume that everyone who reads me also reads Becky’s LJ, and certainly she’s mentioned it, but I suppose that’s not always the case. If you feel misinformed, you’re in fairly good company, because I didn’t even tell Rex. He’s been glued to my side all morning, however, obviously aware that something’s going on. The laundry! The luggage! The grabbing of shoes and packing shirts that will never see the light of day! That puppy was taken to a boarding facility!

Yes, Maverick is still here and he’s being boarded at Happy Tails while we’re gone. I dropped him off last night and, ever since then, Rex has been set to Perma-Nap. Every time I see him he’s curled up in a little ball, resting his eyes. If I move, he leaps up to follow, but then falls into a heap on the floor wherever stop for more than fifteen seconds. Someone’s not exactly a youngster anymore. And he wants me to know that he’s my one and only dog. That could very well be true. We’ll see.

I wish I could take Rex with us. I always hate leaving him behind. If more of you would buy Fool For Love and foist it upon your friends and relatives, then maybe Becky and I would be best-selling writer/editors and could justify having the sort of eccentric behavior that allows one to bring a caustic kangaroo dog on speed with them wherever they go. Until then, Rex will have to stay home and darn socks, or trade stocks, or something.

At Saints & Sinners, Becky and I are hosting a Fool For Love reading. Some of our contributors will be there and will read from their stories. I forget which day this is happening. Tomorrow? Saturday? Sunday? One of those days, for sure. I could look it up, I suppose, but I can’t be bothered right now. I’m too busy wondering what I’ve forgotten to pack. We’re driving to New Orleans and last night Becky asked when I thought I’d wake up today. I hoped that I’d sleep in and wake up around 9 AM. (Whoever thought that one day I’d consider that hour of the day as sleeping in? Not me!) I “slept in” until 7:30 this morning. A whole half-hour. Woohoo! I didn’t get much sleep last night, because I was anxious and running through every what-might-happen-if-my-lung-collapses-while-in-New Orleans scenario in my head until very, very late. I’ve been doing this nightly all week, so I’m damn tired today. Which probably means that I’ve packed twenty pair of underwear and one shirt for four days.

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12 Responses to i know there’s something going on

  1. marikanola says:

    can’t wait till you’re here!!!!!!!

  2. dukecityjim says:

    Wish I could go. Been bumming that I can’t seem to make it happen any more.

    I know what you mean about packing twenty pairs of underwear and 1 shirt. On my weekend to Taos, I packed 3 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of pants, socks and underwear and no shirts for 3 days.

  3. scottynola says:

    4 pm Saturday is the reading, melove.

  4. gaycrow says:

    If more of you would buy Fool For Love …

    Done. Too late for this trip, but maybe next time? ;-)

    Hope the Festival goes well, and Rex copes okay without you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Three Fortunes in One Cookie

      While you were driving to NOLA for the writers’ forum I finished “TFIOC” with some tears in my eyes and a suddenly slowed pulse. Truly a wonderful work, though I can’t decide which I thought best of all your collaborative novels, it or When You Don’t See Me. Facebook Frank

      • Re: Three Fortunes in One Cookie

        “I can’t decide which I thought best of all your collaborative novels, it or When You Don’t See Me.”

        Thanks, Frank! I’m really glad you enjoyed 3F.

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