feels good

EZ’s forever person is on his way over to pick her up. It’s been absolutely wonderful having her visit. I’ve been feeling a lot better, and I absolutely credit EZ for that. Her energy is nothing but good and she’s been sliced and diced herself, so she understands. Tomorrow, I’ll head over to Rexford’s attorney’s home to house and dog-sit for a few days while they’re out of town, which will be lots of fun for Rex.

Oh. He’s here. *pause*

*un-pause* That was sweet. EZ was thrilled to see her new dad again. She was grinning and jumping on him, obviously anxious to go home. That’s so good to see.

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  1. ablueskyboy says:

    That’s as it should be

    Sounds like an alt ending to Mary Popins talking to the parrot umbrella as the family goes fly a kite…

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