greetings to the new brunette

Some of you have been asking about Tyson, noting that I’ve been rather cryptic about whether or not he’s still at The Compound. That’s because he’s not. We found a wonderful home for him while I was still in the hospital. Mr. Becky was nice enough to take Tyson to Saturdays With Scout’s Honor meet and greet at the beginning of the month and, while he was there, a wonderful family met him and adored him instantly. Laura sent me their application to review and said they were willing to wait to adopt Tyson until I was out of the hospital, but I insisted they go ahead with the adoption without me. The family was perfect on paper, and, if Laura met them and approved of them, why wait for me? Get that dog in a good home, pronto.

Today, Laura and I visited Tyson in his new home, because we needed to get his crate, leash, collar, and blankets–all of which were donated items–back for my next foster dog to use. It was so great to see Tyson in his new home! The family is fantastic. They’re nice people, and it’s obvious that everyone loves Tyson. He greeted me and seemed happy to see me, but then he seemed to say, Nice to see you, but I’ve got four little children to follow. You know how it is. And then he left to see what the kids were up to in the other room. He’ll have lots to do now, minding the children, which will be good for him. Laura asked me if it made me sad to see him with someone else, and I said not at all, because it’s so good to see him in such a great home.

On the way back to The Compound, we stopped at Happy Tails and picked up Gypsy, my newest foster dog. She’s a little over a year old and was found recently wandering the streets of Houston. She’s very sweet, but kind of timid about her new surroundings. Here’s a photo of her checking out her new crate in my apartment:


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24 Responses to greetings to the new brunette

  1. dogrl says:

    Yay! for Tyson finding a new home!
    I can’t wait to see more pictures of Gypsy.

  2. _jandy_ says:

    oh yay for tyson!

    and isn’t miss gypsy a looker?!

  3. auntaberta says:


    She is adorable!!! I’m so glad Tyson got the right home so quickly – and adjusted so well. I hope Gypsy has the same good fortune (as well as all your other future fosters!).

    Hope you are feeling stronger each day…

  4. geb1966ky says:

    That’s great about Tyson and Gypsy isreally pretty.

  5. davidpnyc says:

    YAY for Tyson! Gypsy’s a cutie, I doubt you’ll have her for long. :)


    Hurrah for Tyson and a new home — kudos for Tim who’s a real dog’s pal — and let’s hear it for Gypsy who looks like she would be a great play pal for me since we were both ladies of the evening. I just moved into this great new home and I’ve almost got Rob trained. I give him that sad-eyed look and he’s sure to give me a baby carrot. And sometimes I even let him shake my paw as a reward.


  7. rhondarubin says:

    I’m so giddily happy for Tyson and his new family.

    Gypsy’s all cute n’ stuff. Can’t wait for Sugar us to meet her. Sugar We loves lab/terrier mixes!

  8. n8an says:

    You have got to stop posting these, or I will totally lose the cat-dog war with my husband.


  9. sappho_love says:

    Yay for Tyson!

    I saw this and thought of you

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