return of the boom bap

Tyson’s back. Unfortunately, he didn’t pass his audition. He did everything right, too. The family said he was sweet, playful, and seemed to feel comfortable in their home. Unfortunately, their other dog didn’t feel the same way about Tyson. And, since the other dog had seniority, he got his way and Tyson was brought back to me. It was good timing, too, because I was on my way to pick up another dog, Sanford, when I got the call that Tyson was coming back to The Compound.

Luckily, Tyson didn’t seemed phased at all by his adventure. Although, he immediately ran to the water bowl in my apartment and proceeded to drink to the last drop, obviously spinning an elaborate tall tale about how the other family denied him water the entire time he was in their care. But I know for a fact that wasn’t true. This morning I caught him chewing on one of my shoes and, when I told him to stop, he looked at me with innocent eyes, paws still caressing the leather, as if to say, Are you sure? The other family in that place where you left me let me chew on their shoes.

Nice try, buddy boy.

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6 Responses to return of the boom bap

  1. If I lived Houston, I’d probably be over at Scouts Honor right now filling out adoption papers. The hard part would be deciding on who it would be. Four pups caught my eye, but I’m still a bit cat shy.

  2. auntaberta says:

    A sly boy that Tyson!

  3. Oh, I thought the title would lead to “Bap La De Bap” there. Tricksy Tyson, opaquely singing “How Dry I Am”…

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