hair of the dog

Moments ago I gave Tyson a bath. He was a little afraid of the bathtub, but braved the experience beautifully like the good boy he is. Tonight I’m taking him for a weekend visit with a family who might adopt him if all goes well. Scout’s Honor doesn’t normally allow people to “test drive” animals, but they’re making an exception this time because the family adopted a dog from SH once before. I’ve been exchanging emails with the family for a while now and they sound like great people, so I’m hopeful that everything will work out. A bath seemed in order for Tyson, as he looks really good when properly groomed. And because he smelled like a house on fire after hanging out next to a smoking chiminea most of last night. I’m hoping he’ll be dry before we leave, but I’m not sure that’s going to happen now, because he was afraid of the hair dryer. Or maybe he was trying to play with it. I’m not sure. I turned it on, he leaped backward ten feet and then crouched as though he were going to tackle the hair dryer, but then faked to the left and ran in circles. Because he loves the hair dryer, Rex, however, raced up to me as soon as I turned it on and sat primly at my feet, looking up longingly as if to say, Is it time for my appointment now? I’d like to try a bouffant, this time, or perhaps a nice up-do.

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  1. erastes says:

    I hope he gets on with the new family! *crosses fingers for him*

  2. geb1966ky says:

    Good luck to Tysom with this family. The part about Rex cracked me up!!

  3. n8an says:

    In no way am I attempting to ask a dumb question (which, alas, is often what ends up happening when I feel this way about asking), but doesn’t it just crucify you when the dogs find their forever homes?

    I have nothing but admiration for how you do it, but I really don’t think I could.

    • That’s not a dumb question at all. I recently heard that EZ’s new owner loves her, quirky behavior and all, and they’re doing great together. Knowing that she’s in a great home now, after all that she’s been through, with someone who loves her makes so happy that I cry. When I think about what most of these dogs have been through, that’s what tears me up inside. Tyson was neglected, underfed, and unloved, and now he might live with Jake–a dog who was shot in the leg repeatedly with a bb gun and kicked in the face–and if they get along, which I think they will, there will be two success stories in one home. Knowing that I helped these dogs in some small way to find people who can love them and treat them the way they deserve to be treated is absolutely wonderful.

      I’m already thinking, Next!

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