falling down

It’s nice to foster a dog that plays well with others. And by “others” I mean Rex. I thought that after a couple of weeks they might tire of each other, or maybe that Tyson might start to assert himself more as he grew accustomed to being a part of our household, but that hasn’t happened at all. They play, wrestle, chase each other, play tug of war, and follow each other around the apartment all day long. A couple of days ago we were all in Becky’s house. Becky and I were working on a puzzle in the dining room, and Rex and Tyson were chasing each other throughout the house. All the doors were open, so they were running a constant loop, going from the living room through the dining room, into the office, rebounding off the sofa in the office, down the hall into the bedroom, back into the living room, jumping on and off the sofa in the living room, and then making the entire circuit again, over and over. During revolutions they’d crash into something. A wall, a chair, a door, you name it and they crashed into it. Later that evening, Rex started whimpering whenever he tried to hop onto the sofa or whenever I picked him up.

The next day the vet informed me that Rex has a touch of arthritis in his knee. However, not enough to explain why he was crying and worrying his left hind leg, which was most likely a soft tissue injury from playing so hard. Much to Tyson’s dismay, Rex has been taking it easy and getting plenty of bed rest, which means no playing. Much to my dismay, I’ve had to carry Rex up and down the stairs. I’d like to say that it’s been nice and quiet around here without dogs running, growling, and crashing about, but that wouldn’t be true. Instead, all day long I’ve had to listen to Tyson wandering from window to window, from toy to toy, and then crying every five minutes because he’s bored without his favorite toy: Rex.

Luckily, I can tell Rex is feeling much better today. He jumped up on my sofa today without whimpering and seems much happier. However, I’m still not letting him play, because I don’t want to undo nature’s progress just because he thinks he’s better now. Maybe tomorrow. In the meantime Rex helped me wear Tyson out a little while ago assisting me with This Is How We Lay Down lessons, which involves Rex crashing to the floor every time I say Down! and rolling onto his back over and over while Tyson sits next to him with his head cocked, staring at me, obviously saying Down? Huh? I don’t get it, for an entire hour.

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  1. chile_sauce says:

    Poor puppy! Give Rex a big ole’ hug for me!

  2. auntaberta says:


    Rex has scary eyes in the new photo above…

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