boy in the box

Rumor had it that Tyson was crate trained, but I think Rumor was sadly mistaken. (Demi, Bruce, and Ashton should have a talk with that girl about lying.) I came home from running errands a few nights ago and found that the mattress in Tyson’s crate had exploded. EZ had long ago started the job, Tyson merely finished it off. I can’t blame him. There must be nothing more dull than sitting in a crate with nothing to do. But, if he was free to roam in my absence, it could’ve been my sofa that exploded, or he could’ve checked out the stove, flipped a knob, and my house might’ve exploded, and that wouldn’t have been fun for any of us.

So I’ve added crate training to Tyson’s “to do” list. The first thing was to move Tyson’s crate right next to Rex’s. Rex loves his crate. In fact, every dog that drops by loves Rex’s crate. As soon as I moved Tyson’s crate, he walked over, sniffed it, and then climbed into Rex’s crate. It was a start. I tossed a few treats into Tyson’s crate. Rex ran in and gobbled them up. Tyson’s ears went up, as if to say, What the hell? He ran into his crate, forced Rex out, and sniffed everywhere in hopes of finding a treat. I praised him and tossed in a few treats. The ears went up again, this time obviously saying, Hey! This thing’s paying out big time!

The crates are between my desk and my bed, both places where I spent lots of time. Because of this, his crate has become a good place to hang out while I’m working or sleeping. Now he’ll go in there to lay down while I’m at my desk and he’ll get a treat and lots of praise. And when I go to bed Rex is crate adjacent, so he has company and can see that the whole crate thing is no big deal.

This morning I got up, let Rex out of his crate, let Tyson out of his crate, and then picked up the collars. I put Rex’s collar on, and then put Tyson’s collar on, and then–Guinness? Guinness had a collar on, but what was she doing in my apartment? Then I remembered that Becky and Mr. Becky went to Alabama today, and must have let Margot and Guinness into my apartment while I was in a coma. I fed Rex and Tyson, fixed my breakfast, and when I came upstairs Margot was curled up in Rex’s crate, fast asleep.

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  1. tlshull says:


    *Crawls into her crate*


  2. Boy, Rex’s crate is really a popular place for visiting dog naps.

  3. _jandy_ says:

    ha – cute entry!

    and i love your new ‘attack dog’ header. ;)

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