hello and welcome

I have a new foster dog. His name is Tyson. He’s a sweet boy. I picked him up a few hours ago from Happy Tails Dog Spa where he was being boarded. He’s been roaming my apartment, sniffing everything. He found a tennis ball on one of my bookshelves. It was shelved in non-fiction, biography, which is an odd place for a tennis ball, since I have no books on tennis or players of tennis, but it was mainly there because there hasn’t been a dog at The Compound yet who plays with toys. Tyson plucked it from the shelf and carried it around for a while, until he found a bone. He traded the ball for the bone and carried that around for a while, until he found the dog bed, which appears to be the perfect place to chew a bone, because that’s where he’s been for the past hour.

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56 Responses to hello and welcome

  1. sappho_love says:

    I love that you open your heart and you home up to these beautiful babies until they can find full time parents!

  2. auntaberta says:


    So very cool that you do this! Lucky doggies to live at the Compound :)

  3. dogrl says:

    He looks like a very sweet boy!

  4. marikanola says:

    he has a goof-a-tude, something I appreciate … Does Rex like having a new roomie?

  5. geb1966ky says:

    What a handsome dog.

    • rhondarubin says:

      Tyson looks adorable. Is he as mischievous as he looks. I mean, there he is…lying on that little bed…looking like he knows something we don’t.

      How’s he getting along with the others at The Compound?

      • Tyson’s funny. He’s still a big puppy. I turned by back on him for one minute and the next time I looked he was staring at me with a wrist watch in his mouth. So, yeah, he is a bit mischievous. We had a long talk about “my stuff” and “your stuff” after that.

        I’ve only introduced him to Rex, since they’ll be living together. So far, they get along great. I may wait a day or two before I introduce him to Margot and Guinness.

  6. bear_island says:

    Hello Tyson! What a handsome dog. I bet he’ll find a good home in no time.

  7. ravenspb says:

    He’s a good looking guy with an understanding that things can be important and some should even be cherished for awhile. This is all good.

  8. Aw what a feller. I wonder if he was named after the brand of chicken / meat products…

  9. gaedhal says:

    What a foxy tail!

  10. dukecityjim says:

    Damn, Tyson is a cutie.

    You’re such a good guy opening up your home & heart to these doggies ;-)

  11. crossthebar says:

    awww, sweet faced dog! look at those eyes ;) hello Tyson!

  12. _jandy_ says:

    handsome, sweet, AND plays with rex?! tyson’s got the exact same qualities as you!

  13. smoness says:

    Dude! You started work on that painting! It’s lookin’ awesome! And OhMyGod, Tyson is adorable! Also OhMyGod, I need more sleep! And less coffee!

  14. davidpnyc says:

    What a handsome dog!

  15. You caught me at a weak moment with Tyson, I want to rush down to Houston to cuddle him close. You can just see that he has a proud heritage of almost every known canine breed. You’re a good man, Timothy and a friend of dogs everywhere.

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