new beginning

Great news! The day after my last EZ post I received two pieces of excellent information. The first was that EZ tested heartworm negative after her check-up on Monday. The other was an application had just come in to Scout’s Honor from a guy who was interested in EZ. He’s single, has no kids, and works from home. Sound familiar? Scout’s Honor had approved his application and gave me the go ahead to contact him to make arrangements to have EZ meet him. This guy sounded too good to be true, so I called him immediately and met him Tuesday night. He was every bit as perfect in person as he was on paper. His home is lovely. His backyard is fenced in. He’s had previous dogs; the last was a stray he took in off the street who lived with him until she died of natural causes. I was prepared to ask tons of questions, but he gave me answers before I could ask anything. Better yet, he asked me tons of questions about EZ, all of which assured me that he wanted to give her the best home he possibly could. When I told him that EZ can’t catch, that if you toss a treat to her she’ll let it bounce off her head and then eat it off the floor, he laughed and seemed to find that as endearing as I do. Greater still was that, even though she was being shy, EZ seemed to really like him. Yesterday I sent him an email to thank him for allowing us into his home and let him know that I understood that bringing a new dog into his life was a heavy decision, so if he thought that EZ wasn’t right I’d understand. He replied that he really liked EZ and hoped she’d be his. I sent Scout’s Honor my approval, and today they gave me the final go-ahead that the adoption was approved.

I just got back from dropping EZ off with her new dad. Oddly enough, when I called to give him the good news, he was at PetCo, buying her a new bed, bowls, a collar and leash, and lots of good stuff. So EZ and I met him there. When I hugged her good-bye he said I could visit her any time I wanted, and I promised to take him up on that offer.



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76 Responses to new beginning

  1. dukecityjim says:

    Wow. Made me tear up and everything.

  2. davidpnyc says:

    You’re a good man, Charlie Brown. ;)

  3. I’ll miss that sweet dog. She was lucky to be fostered by you, and we were all lucky to enjoy her here at The Compound.

    I hope she and her new person are happy together for many years.

  4. markgharris says:

    Thank goodness for tags. I can click EZ any time I get nostalgic… but the future sounds great for her, too. : )

  5. _jandy_ says:

    yay for EZ!!

    i’m actually a little sad tho – maybe he’ll give you periodic updates on her?

    • _jandy_ says:

      updates as in photos. ;)

    • I was a little sad. Especially when she was being led away and gave me a Wait..what the hell? look. But knowing she’ll be in a safe home with someone responsible who’ll love her makes it okay.

      I’ll probably get updates. Plus, I offered my services for dog sitting if he needs them, and he said he may take me up on the offer.

  6. dogrl says:

    Wow. Good for EZ!
    I’m really happy that she has a ‘forever’ home now, but it’ll seem strange–and kinda sad to me–that she won’t be around the Compound any more.

  7. Awwwwwr. Now I’m feeling fuzzy. This is the warmest story I’ve heard read this holiday season. Lovely. :’)

  8. geb1966ky says:

    That’s wonderful!!

  9. I’m so happy that EZ has a forever home – a perfect Christmas story – yes, Timothy, there is a Santa.

  10. gaedhal says:

    Better than the Hallmark Channel!

  11. treebreeze says:

    Wonderful wonderful news!

  12. marikanola says:

    First I am so happy that EZ found a wonderful new home with someone who is going to adore her, but I’ll miss reading about her and her adventures.

    I got all teary reading this, I can’t imagine how it was for you.

    • “I got all teary reading this, I can’t imagine how it was for you.”

      Watching her walk away was hard. But I heard her first night went really well, so that’s very reassuring. =)

  13. tjbtimmy says:

    I think that is the best Christmakwanzikah present EZ could have hoped for. Yay! For EZ.

  14. ravenspb says:

    That’s wonderful! Good job to you as well.

  15. auntaberta says:


    Kudos to you for doing such a great job helping EZ get well and find a forever home. Happy tears :)

  16. bear_island says:

    That’s such great news! I love a story with a happy ending.

  17. I actually had to set up an account for this wonderful occasion so that I could leave a comment. I have been touched by (1) Tim’s commitment to EZ in the year he has had her and (2) all of his friends who have followed her progress over the year. Scout’s Honor is blessed to have Tim, and because of him, EZ is one of our very lucky ones. Tell my boyfriend Rexford that I have his pickle jello. Love, Rex’s Attorney.

  18. crossthebar says:

    Awww, I’m so happy to read this! ;)

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