stranger than fiction

I did a blog search on “Timothy James Beck” to see what the kids are saying about us these days and found this entry on Jessica’s Well where the reader almost threw When You Don’t See Me away because Nick thought something that this reader felt was a slight against Republicans. Seems a little dramatic to me. But I’m glad the blogger kept reading and found something amusing enough to excerpt–without permission, but who cares? It’s publicity–on Jessica’s Well. What troubles me, however, is that this person appears to assume that characters, in this case protagonists, always reflect the views and feelings of their writers, and vice versa. If that were the case, I think the vast majority of horror and science fiction writers would be working from prisons and/or mental institutions, romance writers wouldn’t have time to write, and crime/espionage writers would be employed by the government. I think this is a reader who would find reading more enjoyable if he or she would remember that fiction isn’t reality.

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  1. n8an says:

    God, and I’d be even more of a basket case. ;)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would be truly concerned for myself if the two worlds of reality and fiction merged… from bystarlight

  3. And then Becky ranted in Tim’s comments….

    I agree that the number of conflicting opinions and world views in our novels would make for an author with multiple personality disorder. However, those opinions and world views are real and held by real people.

    Recently I’ve been experiencing people rejecting things out of hand based on their political views. Are we not allowed to enjoy or experience anything that comes from someone who thinks and believes differently from us?

    While I’m the first person to retreat into the safety of The Compound from a harsh world, I hope I’m never so insulated that art in its many glorious forms is dead to me unless it’s made by people whose politics are the same as mine and communicates everything just the way I would. (There are two sides to that politically correct coin people sneer at.)

    I’m not talking about artists whose work demeans others–if you’re homophobic and your work is homophobic, it’s not for me. If you think Sarah Palin is the cat’s pajamas but your photography is stunning, I can still appreciate your photography.

    We have become far too easily separated from one another, too quick to dismiss anything different. No good will come of that.

  4. scottynola says:

    Good thing Jessica hasn’t read any of my books; she’d go back down the well.

    But then, I am evil.

  5. Anonymous says:

    While I think the idea of tossing a book because the readers political views don’t align with what they assume the authors political views are is ridiculous, I think that everyone is focused on the election right now.

    I personally have found all five books under the TJB moniker wonderful. I was able to identify with the majority of the characters. I agree with the idea that we can create our own families.

    While I realize that it is a work of fiction, sometimes the writing and story are just so good that the lines between reality and fiction can blur.


    • Re: And then Becky ranted in Tim’s comments….

      Maybe this particular person posting at Jessica’s Well found our writing a little too real and couldn’t handle it. Yeah, that’s the ticket. ;-)

  6. tjbtimmy says:

    At least she made me pick up a dictionary

  7. davidpnyc says:

    “fiction isn’t reality”

    Crap, there goes my thesis!

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